Tuesday, October 06, 2015

New Tools; Not Talking About Stupid People

There's been a feeling in my bones for a long time that things are changing so wildly in the online world that it might be good to explore alternative forms of communication. Back in 2014 I wrote this post about relevance in blogging, and I'm not saying now that blogging or bloggers are irrelevant, but I'm noticing a mass blogging fatique. I've been close with a fairly large group of awesome bloggers for a long while now, but I'm slowing seeing them stop reading, stop blogging, or those enjoyments and hobbies being overtaken by "real life."

Hell, I'm one of them!

After 10 years of blogging, I've seen a lot of people come and go, but seeing this happen in large groups is fairly disconcerting, and my own restlessness is driving me to pay attention to alternative forms of self expression that can compliment blogging, since I'm certainly not willing to let it go. But maybe I will one day. I'm not ignorant to the fact that it could be me too.

If you'd asked me a few years ago, I would've had no clue that two of my favorite and most-consumed social platforms these days would be Instagram and YouTube. I know, I have a habit of NOT listening to social expert projections.

So lately I've perked up here and there when I see a new tool that looks interesting to me, and I'm curious what you blogging readers think of them or if you've considered them!

I guess I think of TinyLetter as an exceedingly simple email newsletter. I really got to thinking about this platform when Amanda from Book Riot sent out this tiny letter called "Take the Second Amendment and Shove It Up Your Ass." It was just such a perfect delivery platform. 

Snapchat! The platform that seems to mystify my generation the most. I can't tell you how many people I know, and I've said it myself, that don't get this platform and don't really want to. I was telling my husband the other night that I've reached that age when I can figure out pretty much any technology, but I just do not fucking wanna. That said, I still figured out Snapchat, and while I enjoy watching people's snaps, the thing I don't like is the fleeting nature of it. Snaps expire after 24 hours. 

These are at the tippy top of my brain right now. I'd love to hear about other social or general communications platforms you're loving or hating. What's new with you? 

Monday, October 05, 2015

Behind the Scenes at the Readathon, Part 2!

We're behind! Woooo! That seems to be a theme.

Heather and I both being busy with work, we remain behind...but maybe not tooooo far? Maybe.

Fleshing out our co-host list so we have 24hourreadathon.com covered all 24 hours of the 'thon!

Fleshing out our mini-challenge list with a direct email to everyone who volunteered for that job in hopes of filling spots quickly and efficiently!

Direct emails to publishers, book websites, subscription boxes, tea companies, comics sites, and others to try and wrangle up some prizes. 

Employing some Twitter helpers with fresh things to say for the next week and a half to help get everyone hyped up.

Pulling together a list of warm-up post contributors to fill in content for the week leading up to the 'thon.

Goodreads group is all squared away with guest hosts. Now, to get them some mini-challenges!

Updated all the forms we need including the Books Read Database, Prize Donor form, Mini-Challenge form. Shit! I just remembered a form I forgot! 

Updated the hourly template in Wordpress. We pre-write the repetitive portions of our hourly posts like mini-challenges going on that hour, where to claim prizes, where to buy swag, etc. Then the hosts can go fill in their original content and prize winners later.
Heather is busy doing even more things with swag, cheerleading teams, Twitter lists, and all sorts of things that are slipping my mind right now. Go give her a hug!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Estella Sparkles: YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks

Recently I received an Influenster box from, the luxury brand, YSL with two of their Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks. First, I would have never bought these products for myself as they are $36 each, and lippies are generally not my favorite beauty products, but I was tickled to receive them for testing purposes and in consideration of a review.


  • Beautiful, saturated color. The box contained #9 Rose Stiletto (my fave) and #19 Fuschia.
  • Creamy consistency...so buttery.
  • Flawless application. Swipe and done. 
  • Lightweight. I hate the heavy stickiness of most lippies, but this is feather light. 
  • Hydrating. Felt so good. 
  • Price tag! Hello!
  • These are also fragranced. People more knowledgeable of the brand than I, say they have a distinctly YSL fragrance, but it was a little perfumey when I initially put these on. Thankfully it dissipated quickly.
Packaging: Gorgeous, gold packaging, and these are weighted so they feel significant in your hand. 

Shade range: Immense! Something like 42 shades at sephora.com

Price and Would I Purchase?: As I've mentioned twice already, expensive! I doubt I ever would've bought these on my own, and I don't know that I'll buy them going forward, but it is a lovely formula and a lovely product at that price point. 

Images by Freepik